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LMS Transition Resources

Information on LMS transition timeline, tutorials, workshops and support.

For more information and resoruces, check out CUNY's LMS transition website.


Spring 2024:

  • Migrating courses and organizations from Bb to Brightspace: In mid-March, all Spring, Summer and Fall 2023 courses are migrated to Brightspace. CUNY will continue migrate courses taught in the 2022. The Spring 2024 courses will be migrated after the semester is over.
  • Faculty already have access to Brightspace.
  • Faculty training workshops and other support resources are available.
  • Summer course shells will be created in early April in Brightsapce.
  • Students will have access to Brightspace in May 2024.
  • Student training resources will be available in May 2024.

Summer 2024:

  • All York courses will be conducted on Brightspace.
  • Training workshops will continue.
  • Fall course shells will be created in early June.

Fall 2024:

  • All York courses will be conducted on Brightspace.
  • Training workshops will continue.

Training and Workshops

CUNY hosted training Workshops

Spring 2024 training for instructors - Schedule and Registration

York CTLET hosted Hands-on Workshops

Schedule and registration for York hosted faculty hands-on workshops

Self-Pace courses for Faculty to learn Brightspace at their own pace

The CTLET developed self-paced "Faculty Be Ready and Certified for Brightspace"

In this course, you will follow the tutorials to build your course in BrS and submit assignments to demonstrate your mastery. We'll review your assignments and provide feedback. Upon completing the components that make your course ready for the start of the semester, you will obtain a badge. After you complete all assignments successfully, you wil obtain a certificate.

Note: as currently we cannot limit only York faculty to see this course and we don't have enough resources to provide feedback to all CUNY users in this course, we ask all users who want to access the course to provide their email addresses. We'll only approve York faculty and staff to access the course.

To self-enroll in this course,

  1. log in to CUNY BrS at
  2. Click Discover on the top nav bar
  3. Search for "Be Ready and Certified"
  4. Click the course Faculty Be Ready and Certified for Brightspace (York College)
  5. Follow the screen instructions to send your request. We'll approve York faculty and staff asap.

Self-enroll York course for faculty

The D2L developed self-paced "Brightspace Resource for Instructors" course

On the Brightspace landing page, under My Courses > Training tab, yo can find the course.

Brightspace instructor resources course

Tutorials and Resources

Tutorials for Faculty

Tutorials for Students

Instructor guides by D2L

Student guides by D2L

FAQs for Faculty

Which of my courses are migrated from Bb to Brightspace (BrS)?

In mid-March, the courses you taught in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2023 are migrated in BrS. CUNY will continue migrate courses taught in the 2022. The Spring 2024 courses will be migrated after the semester is over.

What in my course will be migrated to BrS?

All your course content, assignments, quizzes and discussion forums are migrated to BrS. However, no student data nor their course work and grades are migrated to BrS. If you need to keep them, please download them and store them in a CUNY provided cloud space such as OneDrive, Dropbox or York network drive.

How about migrating my courses taught some years ago?

For courses outside of the course migration process by CUNY, you can manually export the course from Bb and import it to BrS by following the tutorials linked below.

If your course taught a few years ago is no longer on Bb and you didn't export and save it on your computer, when you want to re-use it for your new course in BrS, you can contact us by emailing to import the Bb course from the archive to your BrS course.

How can I learn to use Brightspace?

Please check out the learning opportunities listed on this page - Training and Workshops, Tutorials and Resources.

What policies govern the use of Brightspace? 

As has always been true, the intellectual property of faculty using D2L will be governed by CUNY’s Intellectual Property Policy (  

Who owns the data within Brightspace”? 

CUNY owns the data. According to the D2L RFP:  

D2L complies with the data storage privacy, trust, and security protocols of CUNY. 


D2L has policies that apply to all information handling practices, including client confidentiality. Data is classified as "Strictly Confidential," covering Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or confidential information. They have confidentiality provisions in their contracts and restrict access to customer data except for maintaining the service or responding to technical or service problems as requested by the customer​​. 

How does Brightspace support accessibility? 

Key aspects of its support for accessibility include: 

  1. Compliance with Accessibility Standards: Brightspace aligns with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 AAA standards. These guidelines ensure web content is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. 

  2. Automated Closed Captioning: Brightspace offers automated closed captioning for video content. This feature is crucial for deaf or hard-of-hearing users, ensuring that audio content is accessible. 

  3. Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, which is beneficial for users who may have cognitive or learning disabilities. 

  4. Mobile Responsiveness and Native Mobile Applications: Brightspace's mobile-friendly platform ensures that users can access the LMS through various devices, which is particularly important for users with physical disabilities who may rely on mobile devices for accessibility. 

  5. Content Templates: These templates are designed to be fully accessible, aligning with WCAG 2.1 AAA Standards, ensuring consistency and accessibility in course materials. 

  6. Built-In Accessibility Checker: Brightspace includes a built-in accessibility checker that helps educators create content that meets accessibility standards. 

  7. Color Contrast Ratio Checker: This tool ensures that text and background colors on the platform meet the required contrast ratios for readability, important for users with visual impairments. 

  8. Multiple Ways to Engage and Learn: The platform supports different learning styles and needs by allowing content to be presented in various formats and providing multiple means of interaction. 

  9. Support for Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Brightspace's features align with UDL principles, offering multiple means of representation, action, expression, and engagement to support diverse learners. 

By incorporating these features, Brightspace demonstrates a commitment to making digital learning accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. To learn more, visit

Will Brightspace use preferred names?  

Yes, D2L will use the preferred name, if available, from CUNYfirst.  

How long is Blackboard available?  

Blackboard is available through Fall of 2025.  

Support Contact

Live LMS* Support Room: can be accessed via Bb Home page or Course menu. In Summer they will be transitioning to LMS Support.

*LMS denotes Learning Management System including Bb, BrS and more.

On Bb Home page

Access Bb Live Support Room from Bb Homepage

On your Course Menu

Access Bb Live Support room from course menu


Office: AC-4EA1 and AC-4G01

Phone: (718) 262 - 5219