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1.4.1 Changing the looks of your course (41s)

1.4.1 Changing the looks of your course audio

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1.4 Changing the looks of your course, making your course available, and sending a welcome announcement

1.4.1 Changing the looks of your course

January 2019 note: With the recent Blackboard upgrade, changing the Teaching Style from the default theme will change the colors of the "Add Menu Item" button options and the Action Bar in a way that will make them barely legible. For this reason we recommend leaving the theme on default settings.

Do you like the default looks of your course, its color scheme, among others? If not, go to the course management section and click on the Customization button, then on “Teaching Style” to select from the options offered. [BEEP] Don’t forget to click on “Submit” when done! 

Notice that there is also a quick fix for the color scheme: underneath the blue CUNY banner, in the right corner, click on the rainbow palette icon to the left of the Edit Mode switch, and from the drop-down menu, pick another color scheme and design! [BEEP]