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Setting up a (test) live Online Meeting (1m1s)

Setting up test (live) Online Meeting audio

audio/mpeg Setting up a test live Online Meeting.mp3 — 1209 KB


Setting up a (test) live Online Meeting

Create a Test session and practice using Blackboard Collaborate before conducting your first live online meeting with your students. You will need to repeat these steps to set up real meetings.

To set up an online live class meeting, click the Create Session button, then select your options in the pop-up panel at the right. To name your session, we recommend you use the date and starting time followed by the topic. –BEEP-- Scroll down in the panel to review and if necessary to change the default session settings under Event Details.  Click “Session Settings”.–BEEP-- Click “Save” to create the session. 

Note that by default, the link to join the session is not clickable until 15 min before the session’s start time.  To modify or delete the session, before it becomes available, or to invite a guest speaker from anywhere in the world, use the Session Options icon on the far right.