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Making the groups project available to students (58s)

Making the groups project available to students audio

audio/mpeg Making the group Project available to Students.mp3 — 1155 KB


Making the group project available to students

If you have created “Self-Enroll” groups, you will need to add a menu link for “Groups” so that students can access the Sign Up button to enroll themselves to groups.  In the Course Menu of your course page, in the action bar, click on the plus icon, then click on the “Tool Link”.  Name your link “Groups,” then select “Groups” in the “Type” dropdown.  Make the link available to users and click “Submit”.  –BEEP-- Does the menu look good?  If not, use the double arrow icon in the action bar to reorder the links as you see fit. --BEEP-- Now, click on the newly created link to see the Sign Up button under each of the groups. Once students are enrolled into a group, they will be able to see their groups and the group Journal, Email and Wiki tools at the bottom of the Course Menu.

In the Course Schedule page, tell students where they can access the group work.