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Creating a grade column to record grades and feedback (2m1s)

Creating a grade column to record grades and feedback audio

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Creating a grade column to record grades and feedback

In the Course Management section, your—the home office—area, open the Grade Center tab, click on the Full Grade Center link then on the Create Column button in the action bar.  Fill in a name, in the Description text box, type in a description. If you use a rubric to grade the blog, attach the rubric file by clicking the paper clip icon in the text editor toolbar. Select your options but leave the default “no category” option as is.  Make sure to indicate a due date if you want students to see a due date in the Course Calendar, the Notification Dashboard, and the “To Do” module of your course Home Page as well as on their Blackboard Student app.  Lastly… click on “Submit”!

Clicking on the Submit button will bring you back to the Full Grade Center where you may need to use the scroll bar to find the newly created column at the very end.  Use the “Manage” action button and then the “Column Organization” page to re-order your Grade Center columns and move your newly created column where you want it to be.

Next, you’ll need to make sure that the grades you will soon record in your newly created grading column will count towards the total grade for the course.  In the Full Grade Center, go to this weighted total column for the grading category to which the assignment belongs;--you know, the one with the percentage mark at the beginning of the name, click on the action button on the right of the column name, then on the “Edit Column Information”.  Scroll down to the Select Columns section.  Find your newly created grade column for the assignment in the Columns to Select box, select it and use the arrow to move it to the Selected Columns box on the right.  --BEEP-- Make the column count for 100% and leave all remaining options as is.  Click on “Submit,” and “OK” all warnings.