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Making the group project count in the course grade (2m4s)

Making the group project count in the course grade audio

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Making the group project count in the course grade

In the Course Management section of your course site, go to the “Grade Center,” then, in the “Full Grade Center,” to the columns that Blackboard created for each of your group’s journals and wikis. Note that these columns will be hiding all at the end of the Grade Center. If they have fallen off your screen, use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom to find them. --BEEP--Notice that the grading cells for a group journal and wiki are grayed out for the students who don’t belong to the group. You may notice that the names for group journal and wiki are the same, they are the group name. To distinguish the grade columns for the journal from wiki, click the hidden action button to the right of a group journal column name, then choose “Edit Column Information”. Under the “Column Information,” in the text box next to “Grade Center Name” type in the group name plus the word “journal”. –BEEP-- Click “Submit”. –BEEP-- Repeat these steps for the rest of the group journal columns. –BEEP-- Next, in the action bar, go to “Manage,” then to “Column Organization” to reorder the columns as you see fit. --BEEP—

Now, go to the weighted total column for the grading category to which the group project belongs;--you know, the one with the percentage mark at the beginning of the name. Click on the action button to the right of the column, then on “Edit Column Information”. Scroll down to the Select Columns box. In the Columns to Select box, select the newly created group journals and wikis. With the arrow move them to the Selected Columns box. Based on the weights of individual contribution and group product stated in your grading policy, assign a percentage for all journal columns and another for all wiki columns. Click “OK” to override the warning that may pop up. –BEEP-- Then click on “Submit”.