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Turnitin in Bb via LTI

Information on how to use Turnitin in Bb.

Starting from the summer of 2022, Turnitin is linked in CUNY's Bb through LTI integration.  LTI denotes Learning Tools Interoperability. It is a standard developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium to enable learning tools from different vendors to be embedded in a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard. 

The transition to Turnitin via LTI introduces some differences in the user interface. This article will guide you to recognize the changes and for those who use Turnitin assignments for the first time. 


  • You cannot re-use the Turnitin assignments copied over from your previous courses as they were through a totally different way of integration. You will need to create new Turnitin assignments following the steps below.
  • There is no link to Turnitin Assignments from "Course Management" > "Course Tools."  You will access and grade Turnitin assignments from the Turnitin assignment links.

Creating Turnitin Assignment

  1. Go to Assignments or any other content page in your course.
  2. Click "Build Content" and then "Turnitin LTI." 

    Turnitin LTI link

  3. Fellow the guide on Assignment Settings to set up Turnitin basic settings.
  4. Follow the guide on Optional LTI Settings to set up options.

File Type and Size

Turnitin assignments can accept several files types including doc, Docx, pdf, and accept files of size not exceeding 100 MB.  For more detailed information on the file types and sizes, check out the File Types and Size web page.

Submitting or Resubmitting a Paper on Behalf of a Student

Grading Turnitin Assignments

  1. Go to your course "Grade Center" > "Full Grade Center"
  2. Click an exclamation mark in a Turnitin assignment column and then choose "Grade User Activity."

    Access student submitted Turnitin assignment

  3. Review the Turnitin's Assignment Inbox page to familiarize yourself with the icons.
  4. On the "Assignment Inbox" page, click the paper title from a student's submission. The Feedback Studio page will be open where you can access the similarity report and comment on the paper.  Annotating and grading the assignment on the Feedback Studio are similar as they were before. Some minor changes are self-explanatory.  If this is the first time for you to use Turnitin, or you used it before but would like to review the steps on how to access and interpret similarity reports, comment on student papers with various tools, continue reading.

Feedback Studio Navigation

  1. Moving between papers
  2. Using the thumbnail sidebar
  3. Using layers
  4. Accessibility Blackboard LTI

Similarity Reports

If you are new to Turnitin, start from the link in item 1 below and then click "Next" on the bottom right of each page to continue learning all topics related to the Similarity Reports. But if you already used Turnitin before, you can click a specific topic below to find details.

  1. Accessing similarity reports
  2. The Similarity Report explained
  3. Interpreting the Similarity Report
  4. Viewing sources
  5. Viewing similarity matches
  6. Similarity scoring scenarios
  7. Refining a Similarity Report
  8. Multicolor highlighting in the Similarity Report
  9. Managing paper view requests (when you find a student's paper has matched to another student's paper, you may want to request to view the other student's paper.)
  10. Generating a new Similarity Report
  11. Accessing the text-only Similarity Report (use this option if you need to use assistive technology)
  12. Viewing Document Flags

Commenting on the Papers

Annotating papers

Adding summary comments

Learning Analytics

For more tutorials on Turnitin, check out the Turnitin LTI Instructor site.