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Frequently Asked Questions about CUNY Explorers

Will my going to college be too expensive?

There are many financial assistance options available for all students. The cost of college should not stop you from applying and attending.

My parents didn't go to college. Does that mean college is not for me?

College is for everyone, regardless of your background it is in your power to become college ready by taking steps now. When you work hard in middle and high school, you have the ability to go to college, even if your parents did not.

Is it too early for me to do something in middle school to prepare for college?

There are many steps you can take in middle school to prepare for college. You can take challenging classes, apply for specialized high schools, look into college financial aids, and meet with adults in your life to make college your reality.

Can I only learn about college by talking to my guidance counselor?

You can talk to your guidance counselor, but you can also talk to many other people in your life. You can talk to your parents, your teachers, people in your faith community, and more. Also, you can research about college on your own through internet searches and visiting college websites.