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Professor Myra Lotto COVID-19

Volunteer Vaccination Donation

Since 2014, I have taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at York College. York is the smallest of CUNY’s 4-year colleges, with the smallest endowment, size of faculty, and enrollment. We suffered the largest number of Covid-related deaths among faculty and staff of any CUNY campus.

In February 2021, I joined a group of dedicated volunteers who have given our free time and tech skills to help secure Covid-19 vaccine appointments for others. Also, I began to network with social workers, community advocates, and leaders who engage in community outreach to schedule appointments for those with significant barriers to access.

In the past month, I have scheduled over 1200 vaccination appointments. My fellow volunteers have scheduled thousands more. I am so happy to contribute in this way, and I need nothing in return. Meanwhile, my York community needs far more than I can give.

This campaign is in memory of those we have lost in the York community, and in honor of my students.