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The York College Archives are located in the Library and are accessible only by appointment with the archivist.

In the Archives are both official and non-official York records, such as yearbooks, bulletins, course listings, Senate and committee minutes, reports, photographs, and realia. The Library's collection of rare books are also housed in the Archives, along with the Bassin Collection of Hebraica and Yiddica.

CUNY has received a grant from the Mellon Foundation to make the University's archive's more accessible, so it is hoped that materials from the York College Archives will eventually begin to be digitized. Various old issues of Pandora's Box are available in Academic Works, the CUNY institutional repository, and some archival materials have already been digitized and made available in the CUNY Digital History Archive. Several photographs were also uploaded to the Pictures of CUNY section of the CUNY Academic Commons.

For access to the York College Archives, please contact Prof. Scott Sheidlower, 718-262-2017.