Vault Career Library

Vault Career Library

The Vault Career Library™ is the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of guidebooks on career subjects. Researched, written and published by Vault, Inc., the Vault Career Library™ is comprised of over 100 titles for job seekers, professionals and researchers.

What is the Vault Online Career Library?

The Vault Online Career Library is an educational tool that gives you unlimited, 24-hour online access to:

Vault Guides: Students download the electronic versions of over 70 Vault Interview and Resume, Career Topic, Industry, and Employer Guides.

4,000+ Company Profiles: Up-to-date Company Profiles for more than 4,000 employers.  Vault obtains “insider information” by surveying thousands of employees each year.  The Vault Research Team takes real quotations from the surveys, giving your students the hard-to-get, company culture information that gives them a competitive advantage in their interviews.

Industry and Occupation Profiles: These articles cover a broad range of disciplines, giving students quick, easy-to-read profiles of industries and occupations.

Message Boards: Access to the Internet’s most popular career topic Message Boards, the Vault Electronic WaterCooler™.  Here your students have access to conversations with employees at their targeted companies, and altogether 4 million Message Board postings.

1,100+ Career Advice Articles: Covering a wide variety of career topics, from the cover letter to the offer letter.

Internship Database: Seek out the ideal internship based on criteria such as location, industry, compensation, and number of interns hired.  Get details on each program including application deadlines, organization overviews, and more!

What’s in it for me?

Vault empowers you with fresh, relevant knowledge about companies and careers. Essential industry information synthesized with specific, insider company information provides the coherent context needed for students to identify valuable job opportunities. Our exclusive information gives you a competitive advantage over other job-seekers who only have limited information presented in a vacuum elsewhere or filtered through PR departments. You can effectively compare between competing employers to determine where you will fit in with corporate culture best, where the best salaries are, and where the best opportunities for advancement are present. The result? You radiate the confidence, insight, and understanding that shine through in interviews as having “done your homework.” Vault you helps you land coveted jobs, all the while feeling in control of the process.