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Blackboard Workshops for Faculty Fall 2020

Blackboard (Bb) workshop schedule and topics for the fall 2020.

No registration is needed. To attend a training workshop, log in to Bb. On "My Organizations" panel, click CTLET, then click "Blackboard Support for Faculty/Staff."

Workshop Schedule

  Monday (8/31) Tuesday (9/1) Wednesday (9/2) Thursday (9/3) Friday (9/4)
10 am - 11 am        Bb Discussion Board and Blog  
11 am - 12 pm   Bb Collaborate Ultra      Bb Tests
1 pm - 2 pm     Bb Groups for group work    
2 pm - 3 pm Bb Tests        
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm       Bb Collaborate Ultra   
5 pm - 6 pm Bb Groups for group work        
7 pm - 8 pm   Bb Discussion Board and Blog  Bb and Turnitin Peer Asessment tools     


  Monday (8/24) Tuesday (8/25) Wednesday (8/26) Thursday (8/27) Friday (8/28)
10am - 11am Bb Basics Bb Individual Assignments  Bb Collaborate Ultra for online meetings Bb Tests  
11am - 12pm   Bb Tests     Bb Individual Assignments 
12:30pm - 1:30pm   Bb Grade Center Bb Tests    
1pm - 2pm Bb Collaborate Ultra for online meetings        
2pm - 3pm   Bb Basics     Bb Collaborative assignments
3pm - 4pm  Bb Tests   Bb Individual Assignments  Bb Grade Center Bb Collaborate Ultra for online meetings
4pm - 5pm   Bb Collaborative assignments      
5pm - 6pm Bb Individual Assignments         
7pm - 8pm   Bb Collaborate Ultra for online meetings   Bb Basics  


Workshop Topics

Bb Basics

  • Bb Home page
  • “My courses” group by term, hide courses
  • Bb Email address and avatar
  • Course menu
  • Content vs tools
  • Edit mode
  • Student preview
  • Course management – control panel
  • Post documents and web links, create folders
  • Content editor Announcements, emails
  • Make your course available

Bb Collaborate Ultra for online meetings

  • Create a BCU session with appropriate settings
  • Conduct a live session
    • record the session
    • use chat
    • use polling
    • share files share whiteboard
    • share applications/screen
    • hand-write and/or draw on a whiteboard in the live session
    • change settings
    • promote participants to presenters
    • use breakout groups
    • download attendee reports and polling results
  • Find recordings

Bb Tests

  • Create a test, quiz or exam using Bb Tests tool
  • Deploy a test with appropriate test options
  • Check and grade a test

Bb Individual Assignments

  • Introduction to Bb Rubrics tool
  • Create Bb assignments to collect files
  • Create Turnitin assignments to check the originality of papers

Bb Collaborative Assignments

  • Create discussion forums
  • Create blogs
  • Create Groups
  • Introduction to Peer-Assessments and PeerMark

Bb Grade Center

  • Simplify grade center
  • Re-order grade columns
  • Grade assessments and provide feedback
  • Set up the weighted total