Information Technology

Information Technology

Proofpoint End User Digest

Proofpoint provides comprehensive cybersecurity of email messaging systems

Image showing key areas of proofpoint digest list

The Proofpoint email gateway puts messages that are suspected to be spam or are deemed to be ‘bulk mail’ in nature into your personal Quarantine folder. These quarantined messages are held for 14 days. In this time period, you could review and release them. After 14 days, the messages will be automatically deleted from the system.

By default, you receive an End User Digest at 6:00 AM each day if messages have been placed into your Quarantine since the last Digest was sent.

Messages are organized into two categories: 

  • Low Priority Mail - Delivered
  • Spam - Quarantined

The action you take on these messages determines how future messages from the senders will be handled.

Personal List for Safe Senders and Blocked Senders

The safe senders list is simply a list of approved senders of email. When a sender address is included in the safe senders list, the Proofpoint Protection Server does not filter the message for spam. Messages will still be filtered for a virus or inappropriate content.

A blocked senders list contains addresses of people or mailing list from whom you do not wish to receive email. To mark an email address as safe, simply click the allow sender link next to the appropriate email message in the digest. To mark an email address as blocked, click the block sender link for the message.

To see your list of personal safe senders or blocked senders, click the request safe/blocked senders link in your email digest.