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Password Reset Reminders

Passwords are critical to security and safe guarding non-public university data. Below are some reminders to help you get the upper hand when it comes to dealing with passwords.

1. The current syntax for passwords are to use 8 or more characters, at least one has to be a number and at least one has to be in caps. Additionally many of the systems discourage using any of the last four passwords

2. Passwords in use for systems access are broken down into two categories: York hosted systems and Central hosted systems. Knowing which system you are having challenges with is very helpful to tech support.

3. RDirectory is a contact and identity management tool used by York College to mitigate York directory information as well as helping with identity challenges. This tool provides a means to self service password resets for your network ID. Use this system to setup your challenge questions profile which supports your ability to reset your own password without IT intervention. Use the system to set up an alternate email address so that when and if you do have a challenge with your password reset the authentication process will be a very easy self service one. A temporary password will be sent to this alternate email.

4. Password resets are required on many systems. CUNYfirst requires this at least every 180 days. York network ID's usually every 90 days. Other systems may have different timings but all of them provide plenty of notifications.

5. Web link for the Self Service Password Reset Profile: - process takes about 90 seconds. Once successfully completed, you will see a message stating "You have successfully updated your profile." If you ever forget your password or if it expires, you can use the "Reset my password" link (on the same mypassword web link) to reset your password instead of visiting the college. This is your York Network ID. This is part of rDirectory contact and identity management tool available to all faculty and staff at York College.