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Printing to Copiers

All copiers on campus are managed printers. This means you have to authenticate in order to get output. Below are some reminders about insuring your ability to print to the copier in your area.

Every user needing to print to a copier must have an active network account in order to authenticate to the copier in your area. In order to use features on the copiers you account must be setup to use the local copier. IT must be made aware of any new hire or transfer in order to configure your ability to print to a managed copier. In addition you must have an employee ID to use as your pin to get output. In most cases this is the eight digit CUNYfirst empID but it also can be a Research Foundation ID or an ID pin that was established for you for purposes of printing in the absence of an empID.

If you have difficulties with printing contact our Call Center at ext. 5311 or create a ticket using the self service portal.

When your copier is having issues there are some important instructions you will need to follow depending on the nature of the issue:

If it's a toner issue, toner can be ordered directly by dialing the 800 number located on the copier.

If you can't find this number please contact our Call Center and we will update that information on the copier.

If it's a paper jam you the step by step instructions the copier is giving you in order to remove jammed paper from the paper path.

If you need training on how to do this please contact our Call Center and we will be happy to provide this.  

If you are sending print jobs to the copier but nothing is coming out even after you have authenticated contact the 800 number and report the issue.

The vendor will be able to review the issue remotely and contact our IT department if necessary as part of the escalation as needed.

If you are in urgent need of toner, after you place your order directly by calling the 800 number you can contact our Call Center to see if we have emergency supplies we can provide.

We are here to help. If you want additional information on the copier in your area go to our Xerox Print Smart page at