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Smart Room Technical Challenges

If you are having a technical issue while in an active session in a smart room there are two options to getting the support you need.

Difficulty with computing equipment is bad enough on it's own but raise the stakes by adding an audience and audio visual equipment and a clock in the mix and you have the makings of a very difficult situation.

No matter how well equipment is maintain and detailed instructions are provide about it's care, there is always a chance for failure at the most critical moments and for these events we have two ways you can contact hot line support services which were established and dedicated to help our faculty in active teaching settings.

Option 1. Call the smart room hot line at ext. 5303 - this extension is monitor and will jump our queue should the number be dialed. Our service analyst have been instructed to stop whatever they are doing and whoever they are helping to answer this line. In an effort to save time and hopefully save the day, the analyst are instructed to just get the name, location and issue as quickly as possible in order that they can dispatch immediately and two get back to the calls in the regular queue which may have been placed on hold.

Option 2. From a computer or your phone you can access the smart room hot line at TechEquip Classroom Support

This form just needs the issue, brief description, location and your email address. Once you click on submit the system is emailing, texting and auto creating a ticket in our incident tracking system. This is actually faster than the phone call and connects with more targets to escalate your issue.

Should none of the above options get you the immediate support you need, escalate the issue to IT management. I will apologize now if this is the route you end up taking. There are times when there are more issues happening and resources stretched to limits that may slow down response times but you will always have options and we will always do the very best we can to help.