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Cisco Jabber Installation MAC

  1. Download Cisco Jabber for Mac - (Login Required)
  2. Double-click the downloaded file CiscoJabberMac.pkg to start the Cisco Jabber installer wizard.
  3. When the Welcome screen displays, Continue

    Welcome Screen Jabber MAC
  4. Read the license agreement if you wish and then click Continue. Then click Agree to accept the terms of the license agreement and continue with the installation.

    Agree License Jabber MAC
  5. You may be prompted to select the disk where you want to install Jabber. Select your hard drive and then click Continue.

  6. Install to perform the standard installation.

    see document or text tab to read this page

  7. At the prompt, enter your administrator account password for the Mac and click Install Software.
    Installer Jabber Mac
  8. When the software has finished installing, click Close.

    see document or text tab to read this page
  9. To launch Jabber, open your Applications folder and double-click Cisco icon.

    Jabber App MAC
  10. Enter your and Continue.

    MAC Sign in Jabber
  11. You may need to click Continue to several Verify Certificate windows.

    Verify Cert Jabber
  12. Enter your password and Sign In.

    MAC Sign in Jabber