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What else can I do with rDirectory?

Using rDirectory you will also be able to look up York College contacts by filters.

Looking up contacts by filters means if you needed to see all the people in a specific office or just wanted to see all professors, rDirectory allows you to do this. This kind of search capability makes it easier to find people. Additionally and perhaps equally as important rDirectory is the place everyone needs to go to in order to update your password profile information. In fact if you have not done so, the very first time you enter rDirectory you will be forced to update this critical information. The purpose of this is the ability for you to self-service yourself should you forget your password. You will not need to access our Service Desk because you can answer challenge questions you set up in order to reset your own passwords. This is extremely useful when you are out of the country or need to access our systems during off hours when support is not readily available. An additional benefit is if you have a problem resetting your password while off campus and do need to contact us, if you have added an alternate email address in the additional email field this will streamline the authentication process that we currently have in place which complies with best practices but is a big hassle for many.