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What information am I required to update and when?

Depending on your role in your department you have access to update different information.

Timing is everything. You should update contact information using rDirectory as soon as change is obvious. Everything from onboarding, transfer to exiting employees should be addressed in the directory. Your role in your department plays a big part in what ability you have to make contact information changes using rDirectory. Here is a break down of those roles.

Evernyone has the ability to update phone, location, alternate email and alternate phone including ID card number even adding a photo of yourself. Everyone also has the ability and should update or create their challenge questions for self service capability should you ever forget your password. This is part of the MyPassword reset profile capability of rDirectory. There is a section here dedicated to this information. Click on this link for more information.

Department Administrators have all the edit abilities like everyone except they can also update information for everyone in their department. They cannot change or update anyones MyPassword profile.

Department Heads or Chairs have the ability like everyone else and like the department Administrators except they can update functional titles. They cannot change or update anyones MyPassword profiles.

There are other non-mandatory fields you will see when you log in that are optional. These fields make the system very useful when people are trying to find you. Other fields like department codes, payroll title, your name and email addresses come from sources who are authorized to provide and maintain this information. Changes to these fields can only be accomplished as part of the onboarding, transfer or exit process which always involved HR.