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Appeal of Denial

The Appeal of Denial meeting only takes please once a semester. The CAPS Committee holds a Appeal of Denial meeting once in the Fall semester, and once in the Spring semester.

The next Appeal of Denial Meeting will not take place until the Fall 2024 semester.

General Information

  • Student's have the right to file an Appeal of Denial if they are not satisfied with the decision they receive from the CAPS Committee.
  • However, the student must then present new information and documentation in their Appeal of Denial that was not presented in their previous petition
  • Once the CAPS Committee makes a decision on an Appeal of Denial, that decision is Final.

What you will need...

  1. The Appeal of Denial Application. Download the application at the bottom of this page labeled "Appeal of Denial Petition Form"
  2. The original Petition Application that was denied by the CAPS Committee
  3. A New and improved typed personal statement explaining any extenuating circumstances that have caused past academic difficulties. (For more information on personal statements, see each petition's personal statement description)
  4. Any documentation you had previously submitted to support your claim and any New documentation (ex: a letter of support, doctor's note, email correspondence, last date of attendance, a different CAPS petition decision, etc.)
  5. Each petition application requires different items for its criteria. Please go to the specific webpage for which the petition you are Appealing to ensure that you have all of the items necessary for the Appeal of Denial:


  • No petitions will be reviewed by the CAPS Committee if the appeal is submitted by email
  • All Appeal of Denial applications are reviewed at the Appeal of Denial Committee Meeting
  • If applying for Readmission through an Appeal of Denial, the Approval for the Readmission will be subsequent for the semester after the next upcoming meeting.
    (ex: Student submits an Appeal of Denial Dec 2022. The next Appeal of Denial meeting is not until April 2023 (mid-Spring semester). The appeal is reviewed in April 2023 and approved. The student is readmitted for Fall 2023.)