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Office of Student Academic Services

OSAS is where students come for the Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS), Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and for information regarding petitioning readmission, appeal of dismissal, excess credits, follow old Gen. Ed. and retroactive withdrawal. Additionally, OSAS provides campus logistical support and provides resources to assist students.

Please note, all results from the department will only be sent to the student's York College email account.

OSAS is dedicated to helping students realize their academic potential. We monitor all academic standards, policies, and procedures, as well as provide students with the information needed to make informed decisions. Students must give thoughtful consideration to their academic and personal goals as they take responsibility for their academic choices and decisions.

General Information


Students have the right to petition for readmission, appeal of dismissal, retroactive withdrawals (or leave of absence), excess credits, follow old Gen. Ed, or to appeal the decision of ineligibility for financial aid. To petition for one of the above:

  1. Contact the Office of Student Academic Services for help and guidance throughout the petition process. They will help ensure that you submit the proper petition and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Complete the appropriate petition/appeal form.
  3. Meet with an Academic Advisor to develop a Plan of Action and attach it to the petition (for SAP Appeal only)
  4. Prepare a detailed personal statement (typed 200 words or less) explaining: extenuating circumstances and how you propose to resolve the deficiency that contributed to your unsatisfactory academic progress
  5. Provide documentation for extenuating circumstances and attach as many as possible of the following:
    • Personal Illness - Evidence includes physician's statement, hospital records, etc., involving hospitalization or extended confinement
    • Death - Evidence includes copy of death certificate of an immediate family member (mother, father, child, sibling, grandparent) or illness of an immediate family member of which you were the primary caretaker (must include a statement from a physician, social worker, etc. indicating your primary care-taking role with dates) requiring your absence from classes for an extended period of time
    • Emotionally Disabling Condition - Evidence must include a statement from a licensed physician, psychologist, social worker, etc., that prevented you from attending classes
    • Military Duty - Evidence includes deployment orders
    • Involvement with social agencies or government entities incarceration; or similar reasons that prevented you from attending classes. Evidence includes official documents with dates
    • Other Extenuating Circumstances - Evidence includes official documents with dates, eviction notice, divorce papers, police reports, etc.
  6. Provide and a copy of your unofficial transcript (this can be retrieved from CUNYfirst).

DO NOT slip petitions under the door after hours or leave them unattended on the counter. Those found or not found or left unattended will be considered not delivered and not presented to the committee.

Any late or incomplete petition packets, packets without supporting documentation, or those received after the deadline date will not be accepted.

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