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Office of Student Academic Services

Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) is where students come for information regarding the Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS), Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and for information regarding their academic standing. Additionally, OSAS provides students with campus logistical support and information on policies, procedures, practices, and resources on how to best proceed with petitioning in order to achieve academic success.


OSAS is dedicated to helping students realize their academic potential. We monitor all academic standards, policies, and procedures, as well as provide students with the information needed to make informed decisions. Students must give thoughtful consideration to their academic and personal goals as they take responsibility for their academic choices and decisions.

General Information 

Students have the right to petition/appeal their academics. However, please be aware, the mere submission of a petition/appeal Does Not guarantee an approval. 

  • Different petitions may require additional documents specific to that petition/appeal.
  • Please navigate to the Petitions/Appeals tab for a more detailed description of each petition/appeal. 
  • Contact the Office of Student Academic Services for help and guidance throughout the petition process. An OSAS Staff member will help ensure that you submit the proper petition, submit any addition documentation you may need for a successful petition/appeal, and answer any questions you may have.


  • Petition/Appeal Applications are only accepted through the OSAS Secure Portal.
  • Do not slip petitions/appeals under the door after hours or leave them unattended on the counter. Those found or not found or left unattended will be considered not delivered and not presented to the committee.
  • Do not email any petitions/appeals or documentation containing personal information to the OSAS Office email or any OSAS Staff members' email. Petitions/appeals will not be accepted through email.
  • Do not post mail any petitions/ appeals documentation containing personal information to the OSAS Office. Petitions/appeals will not be accepted through post mail.
  • Any late or incomplete petition/appeal packets will be sent back to the student for additional revision. 

Office of Student Academic Services


Please note; all decisions/results from the department will be sent through the OSAS Secure Portal emailing services. The email used to register for the Secure Portal System will be the email you receive the decision notification to.

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