Office of Student Academic Services

Office of Student Academic Services

Appeal of Dismissal

If you have been notified by the Office of the Registrar that you have been Academically Dismissed at the end of the Spring 2024 semester, and wish to return to York College for Fall 2024 please follow the instructions below.

Deadline to Submit Appeal of Dismissal Petition: July 8, 2024

Please be aware that an approval is not guaranteed.

Please follow all instructions regarding how to submit the Appeal of Dismissal petition and the required supporting documentation.

Appeal of Dismissal Process

  1. Download and complete the Appeal of Dismissal Petition at the bottom of this page. (Check off the 'Appeal of Dismissal' in the left-hand corner of the application). 
  2. All students seeking an Appeal of Dismissal must submit a typed personal statement that explains
    a) the extenuating circumstances/reasoning for your past academic difficulties
    b) a plan of how you will be academically successful if the Appeal of Dismissal is approved
    c) any activities you have engaged in that would indicate a probability for future academic success.  
  3. Students MUST submit  supporting documentation that supports the extenuating circumstance/reasoning for their past academic difficulties
     (ex; medical documents, birth certificates, death certificates, military documents, court documents, police records, letters from your employer, letters from your health care provider, etc.)
  4.  Upload the completed Appeal of Dismissal petition form, a typed personal statement, valid photo ID, as well as any supporting documentation onto the OSAS Secure Portal.
  5. Review all documents you have submitted for accuracy in uploading. The deadline for submission is JULY 8, 2024.
  6. Please do not send any petitions, personal statements, or supporting documentation to the OSAS email.  All documents must be uploaded to the OSAS Secure Portal in order for the CAPS Committee to review.

NO petitions will be accepted via email. All petitions must be submitted to the  OSAS Secure Portal in order to be reviewed by the CAPS Committee.

Please note; all decisions/results from the department will be sent through the OSAS Secure Portal emailing services. The email used to register for the Secure Portal System will be the email you receive the decision notification to.

To submit documents onto the OSAS Secure Portal, please use your York College Network if you are a current student or you can Register with your personal email if you are not enrolled at this time.

Should you require any assistance in the Appeal of Dismissal process please feel free to contact our office at