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Committee on Academic Policy and Standards

Please note, all results from the department will only be sent to the student's York College email accounts.

The Office of Student Academic Services is no longer accepting Readmission Petitions for the SPRING 2022 semester. All Readmission Petitions will now be reviewed for the FALL 2022 semester. 


If you are seeking to petition for Retroactive Withdrawal, Excess Credit, or any other petition, please click one of the blue links appropriate for your request on the left side of the OSAS webpage. 

If you wish to petition Readmission/Appeal of Dismissal at York College, you are going to need to complete a series of steps required by the Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS). Please follow the detailed instructions below. It is important that you complete the entire petition as well as submit all required documentation onto the OSAS Secure Portal. Your petition will not be reviewed if any steps are omitted when submitted to the secure portal.

(Please note, NO petitions will be accepted via email. All petitions must be submitted to the secure portal in order to be reviewed by the CAPS Committee)

  1. If you are petitioning for readmission/appeal of dismissal, please download and fill out the petition completely. You can download the form by clicking on the green hyperlink below titled "Readmission Petition". 
  2. All students seeking readmission must submit a typed personal statement. The typed personal statement explain: a) the reasons for your past academic difficulties, b) plans for improved academic performance if readmitted, c) any activities you have engaged in that would indicate a probability for future academic success. Please include a plan on how you will be successful if allowed readmission to York College.
  3. Students also must submit documentation to support their claim in their personal statement. Documentation may include but is not limited to; medical documents, marriage license, death certificate, birth certificate, COVID-19 test results, court documents, police reports, etc.
  4. Navigate to the yellow "secure form upload" tab on the left side of the OSAS webpage to access the OSAS Secure Portal. Upload your completed readmission/appeal of dismissal petition, typed personal statement, and any supporting documentation onto the secure portal.
    (Please note, to submit documents onto the secure portal, please use your York College email and York College email password. If you do not have access to your York College credentials, you can create a temporary password and username by clicking on the blue hyperlink titled “Need an account? Sign up here” within the secure portal.)
  5. If you are having trouble creating, or logging into your account, please contact the York College help desk
  6. Please do not send any petitions, personal statements, or supporting documentation to the department email. (It will not be reviewed) 
  7. All readmission petitions applications, typed personal statements, as well as any supporting documentation for the FALL 2022 semester must be uploaded onto the secure portal before Friday April, 8th 2022 (04-8-2022).

Readmission Petition