Department of Teacher Education

Department of Teacher Education

CAEP Annual Reporting (2022-2023)

CAEP Annual Reporting for Initial Programs

York College has three academic schools. The EPP is located within the School of Health Sciences and Professional Programs, and consists of the Department of Teacher Education and portions of the Department of Health and Physical Education, which houses the K-12 Health Education and Physical Education programs.

The EPP is a CAEP’s 2020 recipient of the Frank Murray Leadership Recognition for Continuous Improvement and is fully accredited.  The EPP continues to recognize the importance of ongoing data collection and analysis and uses multiple measures to assess its programs to be informed about the quality of program completers’ preparation. During the most recent CAEP accreditation process, the following are the EPP programs that were reviewed by CAEP:

  • Biology/ Education 7-12 (BA)
  • Chemistry/ Education 7-12 (BS)
  • Earth Science/Education 7-12 (BS)
  • English Education/Middle School Extension (BA)
  • Health Education
  • History Education/Middle School Extension (BA)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies / Teacher Education 1-6 (BA)
  • Mathematics Education 7-12 (BS)
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish Childhood Bilingual Education (BA)

The data displayed on this page address the CAEP Accountability Measures and were collected during the 2022-2023 academic year

Measure 1 (Initial): Completers Effectiveness

Measure 2 (Initial): Satisfaction of Employers

12 Alumni Surveys were received in 2022-2023 and Employer Surveys were sent out where applicable. However, we did not receive any completed Employer Survey.  As a result, there is nothing to report on Satisfaction of Employers.

Measure 3 (Initial): Candidate Competency at Completion

Measure 4 (Initial): Ability of completers to be hired

The data below reflect the number of program completers for three years along with certification and hired information.



Hired In Area of Certification

Hire Info Unavailable

2022-2023 (n=40)



18 (86%)

2021-2022 (n=44)

38 (86%)

20 (53%)

18 (47%)

2020-2021 (n=34)



10 (30%)