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Gerena, L. (2020)

Research based effective teaching practices in bilingual and ENL classrooms. New York State TESOL Journal


This case study was carried out to confirm the use of a newly developed observational protocol as a dependable checklist of effective language-focused teaching practices. The goal was to determine whether or not such practices were being consistently utilized when teaching English language learners (ELLs) in English as a new language (ENL), transitional bilingual (TBE), and dual language (DL) program models, and where, specifically, teachers needed more support to infuse these practices into daily instruction. Classes and teaching practices were observed in partner elementary and secondary school classrooms in New York City, and the protocol was utilized to record strategies and methodologies in daily content-area instruction. The results of the study identified areas where ENL, TBE, and DL teachers could more fully meet the
needs of ELLs in their classes. A compendium of research-based teaching practices that can be used for professional development for ENL, TBE, and DL teachers was subsequently developed.


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