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Academic Schools and Departments

York College is a senior college in The City University of New York.

Academic Departments are located in three Schools: Arts & Sciences, Business & Information Systems and Health Sciences & Professional Programs

Our Three Schools

Department of Behavioral Sciences

Our department provides students with a strong academic foundation that will prepare them for the challenges of graduate study and careers.

Department of Biology

The Biology Program provides academic experiences in the life sciences that meet a variety of student needs. The courses offered to cover a broad range of subjects from General Biology, Biostatistics, and Genetics, which all majors must take, to Organismic Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Ecology.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry (from Egyptian kēme (chem), meaning "earth") is the science concerned with the reactions, transformations, and aggregations of matter, as well as accompanying energy and entropy changes during such transformations.

Department of Earth and Physical Sciences

The Department of Earth and Physical Sciences houses programs in Astronomy (minor), Environmental Health Science, Environmental Science (minor), Earth Science Education, Geology, and Physics.

Department of English

The English Department at York College abhors all expressions of hate and of prejudice, overt or tacit. We affirm our commitment to diversity and to inclusiveness and will continue to work to create safer spaces for our students and for each other. We stand in solidarity with our students.

Department of History, Philosophy, and Anthropology

The Department of History and Philosophy offers majors in Anthropology, Black Studies, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Philosophy. It also houses Cultural Diversity courses.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers programs in Mathematics (BA and BS) and Computer Science (BS). The department also offers a minor in mathematics and a minor in computer science.

Department of Performing and Fine Arts

The Department of Performing and Fine Arts at York College offers degree programs in Studio Art, Art History, Music, Speech Communications / Theatre Arts, and Communications Technology.

Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities

Through the study of the language, literature, and civilization of various cultures, the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities aims to enrich the education of all students and prepare them for various careers.

Department of Accounting and Finance

The Department offers programs in accounting and finance that provide students with essential skills and knowledge for professional careers. These programs focus on areas like CPA exam preparation, financial asset valuation, and ethical understanding, while also fostering critical thinking and effective communication. The goal is to prepare students for leadership in various sectors and contribute to their communities.

Department of Business and Economics

The Business and Economics Department faculty aims to create knowledge and develop ethical leaders and builders of enterprises that will create value for stakeholders and society. The Department achieves this through our degree programs in Aviation, Business, Economics, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Information Systems Management.

Department of Health and Human Performance

The Department of Health and Human Performance is dedicated to providing high-quality education and career preparation, responding to the needs and interests of our student body and to the surrounding community it serves.

Department of Health Professions

Welcome to the Department of Health Professions. The programs offered by the Department of Health Professions aim to prepare students for various health careers that can help address health disparities in the community. Students may elect careers in clinical laboratory science, or physician assistant.

Department of Nursing

The mission of the York College Nursing Program is to offer a liberal arts-based experience to guide students in attaining the knowledge, skills, and values essential for professional nurse leaders and managers, including the ability to make sound judgments and address the health needs of diverse cultural groups within the urban community.

Department of Occupational Therapy

Welcome to the Department of Occupational Therapy at York College! We are the only Occupational Therapy program in the CUNY system. We boast a culturally diverse student body, with all of the CUNY student, academic, and library resources at your disposal.

Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work offers a Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree, which prepares students for entry-level generalist urban practice and provides a local and global context for understanding and addressing the experiences of people and societies. The department also offers a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, which focuses on generalist practice in the first year, and a healthcare specialization in the advanced year.

Department of Teacher Education

Teachers prepared by the York College Department of Teacher Education demonstrate caring and ethical professional behavior in order to build teaching and learning environments that draw on the strengths of students