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Department of Business and Economics

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Business and Economics will operate remotely.
For advisement, contact your advisor via email.   If you have not yet been assigned an advisor please contact the office.  For this, and all other inquiries, use the following email address: or call Ihuoma Ezekwem (718) 262-2501, and Lelosa Lelosa Imasuen (718) 262-2502

The Business and Economics Department faculty aims to create knowledge and develop ethical leaders and builders of enterprises that will create value for stakeholders and society. The Department achieves this through our degree programs in Aviation, Business, Economics, Marketing, and Information Systems Management.

Aviation Management

  • Mission statement: The Aviation program at York College is committed to delivering the highest quality aviation-oriented education, research and service to our students, college and university.
  • Goals: 
    1. Creating graduates that have a cross-disciplinary perspective and are able to integrate knowledge across business disciplines.
    2. Creating graduates that demonstrate competency in the various areas of Aviation Management.
    3. Students demonstrate an ability to interpret, document and communicate relevant information effectively, in writing and verbally to a business audience, government agencies, public authorities and consumers.

For more information, visit Aviation Management (BS).

Business Administration

  • Mission statement: The mission of the Business Administration program at York College is to develop professionally competent and socially responsible men and women for careers in business, government, and other entities requiring the organizational, managerial, and analytical skills necessary in today’s rapidly changing global economy. The programs provide students with fundamental knowledge, the educational experience and skills to think critically and creatively, and to adapt to changing social, economic and technological environments.
  • Goals:
    1. To provide a cross-disciplinary perspective and be able to integrate knowledge across business disciplines in the various areas of Business Administration.
    2. Students demonstrate knowledge in the various areas of Business including: Economics, Marketing, Statistics, Computer Applications in Business, Business Law, International Business, Business Ethics and the capstone course Strategic Management which integrates all of these courses.
    3. To demonstrate an ability to interpret, document and communicate relevant information effectively, in writing and verbally to a business audience and customers.

For information regarding specific requirements and electives, visit Business Administration (BS).


  • Mission statement: To develop, through teaching and research, professionally knowledgeable and well-informed men and women with critical reasoning, quantitative thinking and problem-solving skills to solve complex problems.
  • Goals: 
    1. To provide our students with appropriate analytical skills to be able to analyze economic problems and to make use of those skills in their future careers.
    2. To help students acquire knowledge and develop deeper critical and quantitative thinking skills and apply problem-solving skills to complex problems.
    3. To enable students, apply their knowledge of economics to problems of public policy and thus become more effective and informed citizens.

For a list of requirements and electives, visit Economics (BA).

Information Systems Management

  • Mission statement: The Information Systems Program at York College seeks to educate students with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of information systems, and their relationship to the world. Students will combine their technical understanding with their broad-based general education to visualize systems, work in teams, communicate effectively, think analytically and implement solutions.
  • Goals: 
    1. Students understand the application of information technology in helping individuals, groups, and organizations achieve their goals.
    2. Students will develop the ability to analyze business requirements to determine appropriate information systems solutions using current and emerging technologies.
    3. Effectively communicate the results of analytic solutions to business problems and decisions.

For more information, visit Information Systems Management (BS).


  • Mission statement: The purpose of the marketing program is to educate students to go into today's dynamic business world as well-prepared college graduates. This program provides a student-centered education approach that will prepare them for challenging careers in marketing fields. At the completion of this program, marketing students will be equipped with knowledge and skills to satisfy the consumer needs and wants, and ensure business profitability.
  • Goals: 
    1. Students demonstrate understanding of basic knowledge and its application in marketing as well as various fields of business in a viewpoint of a cross-disciplinary perspective.
    2. Students demonstrate competency in profound marketing knowledge and its application in the various areas of marketing.
    3. Students demonstrate competency in integrating marketing knowledge from the various areas of marketing and applying it to business and society.

For information about course of study, visit Marketing (BS).

Business and Economics
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