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Resources for Teaching Online and Supporting Students

General Online Teaching Resources

Improving Your Online Teaching: An insightful discussion of how to improve your online teaching from an experienced online instructor, Flower Darby. While some suggestions are ambitious, these sections are particularly useful: #2 (Be Yourself); #6 (Explain Your Expectations); and #8 (Provide Examples).

7 Dos and Don'ts for Post-Pandemic Teaching with Technology: A follow-up article from Flower Darby about adjustments to make to online courses.

Going Online in a Hurry: Chronicle of Higher Education article by Michelle D. Miller about where to start when you have to transition immediately to distance learning.

CUNY Academic Commons: Considerations for Academic Continuity.

Teaching Writing Online

Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors by Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle: Full text of a book that discusses four principles for online writing instruction.

Online Writing Instruction Community: Excellent advice and a strong list of resources.

Global Society for Online Educators Open Resource Bank: Specific pedagogical suggestions, particularly for teaching first year writing online.

Project Cora: Community of Online Research Assignments: A Bank of assignments for research and information literacy.

Baruch English Department: Teaching writing online.

Individual Writing Instructor Experiences and Reflections

Sara Webb-Sunderhaus’s Twitter threads on teaching composition online.

Scott Warnock’s Online Writing Teacher Blog: postings on experiences teaching writing online.

Three Strategies for Teaching Writing Remotely During the Pandemic: Paul T. Corrigan's reflections on some strategies that worked.

Longer Works

Foundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction

Beth L. Hewett and Kevin Eric DePew with Elif Guler and Robbin Zeff Warner. Parlor Press, 2015. (Chapters 4 and 9 are the most pragmatic for us as instructors; there is also a useful discussion of different models of writing classrooms on p. 359-361).

Teaching Writing Online: How and Why

Scott Warnock, NCTE, 2009. (Introduction only).

Technology Support

Blackboard Tutorials

Mental and Emotional Health Support

COVID-19: Supporting Students’ (and Our Own) Mental & Emotional Health & Well-Being

Learning in the Time of Covid-19

NYC: COVID-19 College Support