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Video and Audio Recordings

Tools and Suggestions for Making Video and Audio Recordings


Video recordings can add to your presence in an online course and allow students to view--and review--instructions or explanations at a time of their choosing.

A few suggestions if you plan to record your own videos:

Tools for Video Recording

We recommend Snagit if you wish to record audio and video that also uses screen capture. Screen capture video records what is happening on your computer screen, which is particularly useful for demonstrating something you want students to understand (you can walk students through how to search a database, etc.)

Snagit offers a free 15-day trial.

If you wish to continue using it, contact Wenying Huang-Stolte about a license key. 

You can also create recordings in Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom.

Other tools that offer basic screen capture and recording for free:

  • Screen Cast-O-Matic: The screen capture recorder is free, although the editor is not.
  • VivaVideo (to record on your phone--see the App store)
  • Macs also come with iMovie and Quicktime, both of which can be used to create and edit videos.

Audio Feedback

To record audio feedback on individual student work: