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IT Service Desk Hours / Support Location

Welcome to the IT Service Desk Page

Please use YConnect Self Service Portal from any browser on campus or off campus to create help cases for any technology issue you need support for. Your issue is instantly in our queue and ready for our customer-care representatives to address once you click on submit.

Hours of dispatch and phone support coverage

Schedule can change depending on semester 

  • Monday through Friday IT Service Desk 718-262-5300 or 5311: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Phone, Field, and Telecom support services
  • Monday through Friday IT Service Desk 718-262-5300 or 5311: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Phone, Limited field  
  • Saturday  IT Service Desk 718-262-5300 or 5311: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Limited field, telecom, and phone support services

IT Service Desk Welcome Center

IT Service Desk Support is available from the Welcome Center by using CardinalQ (QLESS) Kiosk located at entrance in the Academic Core, GUY R. Brewer Blvd. side as well as kiosk located in our Library on the third floor AC-3G01. Using this system for contact will put you in a virtual line removing the need to have to wait at any location. One of our customer-care representatives will reach back out to you via text when they are ready to serve and provide support. For more information click here: CardinalQ

Smart Room Support Coverage

Faculty can get help during live class room sessions by using our Smart Room support hotline Ext. 5303 or by using the hotlink at:


Computer Labs and Accessibility Resources

Computers, scanners, printers, copiers and accessibility computing equipment are available in our Library located on the third floor of the Academic Core building, AC-3G01 and AC-3G09, Student Gov't Lab also located on the third floor and Classroom building drop in labs room CL-204 and CL-205. Both the Library and Classroom buildings have CLT's on hand to support your needs and access to IT for any technology support needed. If you are a student with special needs please contact our Center for Students with Disabilities at: CSD

Equipment Reservations, Events and Loaner Devices

All equipment rentals like cameras, microphones and tripods as well as equipment for events including loaner devices will have a new home starting in October 2023. For now you can visit us on the third floor of the Academic Core building room AC-3H10C just behind the Public Safety security ID station.

Off Hours Support

If you have any non-emergency technical support issues outside of our hours of coverage your call to our contact center will provide some alternate options for getting your issue recorded. One of the options will be to use the YConnect Self Service Portal.

If you are not a member of the campus network please contact the college during business hours at 718-262-2000 and listen to the main greeting for a list of departments you may select based on your inquiry or need.