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Jabber Navigation Instructions

These instructions are for Jabber on a mobile device

The following are instructions for some of the navigation you might use while working with Jabber:

Receiving a call:

When a call comes in, you may get a banner across the top of the mobile device. Click on the check button on that banner in order to pick up the call.

Inbound call banner across the top of mobile device

TipIf you pick up calls that automatically hang up, report this issue but also reset (not log out) Jabber and re-open to see if that clears this up.

Managing Calls:

Features for managing an active call on Jabber are limited on the mobile softphone app. However, there are a few options that are essential to the most common needs.

  • Hold - you can put a call on hold in order to do something else. If you put the call on hold to answer another call, on a mobile device this may or may not work 100%. This is due to wifi, internet and other mobile device applications that may be using up valuable memory.
  • Transfer - you can transfer any call to another extension. If you configuration is setup to transfer only internally to extensions on campus this will work just by using the 4 digit extension of the line you wish to transfer to. Detailed instructions on transfer below.
  • Conference - You are able to add calls to a conference. Again, how good this works on a mobile device will depend on a variety of elements mentioned in the Hold section.
  • Park and Stats - Calls can be parked, which is not the same as hold. Parking means you can park a call on one phone set and pick it up on another. This only works with multiple devices you have Jabber logged into but will not be reliable on mobile devices again depending on elements and features mentioned on the Hold section above. Stats are just that, phone stats.

How to Transfer a call to another extension

When you receive a call, you will see a banner across the top of you mobile device screen. Once you answer the call depending on what needs to be done you may need to transfer the call to another group. While on the call click on the call screen and you should see some icons at the bottom of the Jabber app.

When you click on the one with the 3 dots you will have a menu and one of the options on that menu is to transfer. This is demonstrated in the image above. This is an active call, and while on the call the screen is pressed to bring up the icons at the bottom and then the 3 dots icon is selected to bring up the menu. Select "Transfer"

You will next get a blank space across the top for you to enter an extension. Enter the extension you want to transfer to and then click on the "Call" button next to the extension. This will call the extension.

TipAnytime calling another extension to place a transferred call always wait until you make the connection, identify yourself and greet the person you are transferring to and explain the reason for the transfer. Then, to complete the transfer there is an icon at the bottom of the Jabber app with an arrow on it. Click on the arrow and the call will be transferred.

Chat feature

The Jabber softphone app lets you use a chat feature. This allows you to chat with anyone else on the Jabber system within York College. It is a useful way to get help with issues if you direct those chats to appropriate support if this was authorized. Chat is not the system of record for support so you if you are having issues with Jabber it is best to contact the York IT Helpdesk at 718-262-5311 or to place a ticket with our YConnect Self-Service Portal.