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Goals of the Cuny Aviation Institute Organizational Structure.

GOAL 1:    Continually enhance an accredited, top quality aviation academic program focusing in management and policy to serve the local, regional, national, and international community to meet the changing needs of a global economy.

GOAL 2:    Continually recruit and maintain outstanding and dedicated faculty committed to quality programs through excellence in instruction, research, and outreach activities.

GOAL 3:    Emphasize quality of Aviation Programs through use of creative teaching applications and interdisciplinary education and research, assess the feasibility of a graduate degree offering.

GOAL 4:    Emphasize external and international programs.

GOAL 5:    Enhance the image of the Aviation Institute across CUNY, among other universities, within the aviation sector, and among CUNY and York College alumni.

GOAL 6:    Continuously seek and obtain extramural funding through contracts, grants, and projects with other organizations to enhance the research and outreach components of the aviation offerings.