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Flushing Bank Branch Makes York Donation

Hesiod says 'a bad neighbor is as great a calamity as a good one is a great advantage.' Fortunately, York’s latest is the latter.

Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic sent New York City into shutdown mode in the spring of 2020, Flushing [Commercial, Business, Consumer] Bank opened a branch in the extended York College neighborhood on Sutphin Boulevard.

Executives from the branch recently visited York, bearing a thoughtful gift and the birth of a new friendship assured.

David A. Farrell, vice president, and branch manager; and Kathy Costas, vice president, and CRA officer, recently visited York and presented a check in the amount of $5,000 to Dr. Berenecea Johnson Eanes, president of York College.

Asked what prompted Flushing Bank to make the generous gesture of goodwill the bank explained the mantra.

“As a community bank, we believe it is our responsibility to support local organizations that provide services to individuals, families, and businesses in our market,” they said. “[Due to the COVID crisis, we also facilitated the distribution of government grant program funds to organizations, such as York College to enhance that support. We recognize that York College is an important asset to the Jamaica community and look forward to developing a strong relationship with [York].”

Flushing Bank added that they also hope to have “a Jamaica branch representative join York’s board and to partner with the college to offer a Financial Literacy program to its students.”

The financial institution says the funds can be used by York College “to purchase equipment to comply with public health measures designed to slow the spread of Covid-19, including safe workplaces, remote work, and social distancing.”

President Eanes welcomed the bank executives to the neighborhood and the college and looks forward to this new neighborhood friendship.

“On behalf of the entire York College family, thank you, Flushing Bank, for your generous donation and friendship,” says Dr. Eanes. “I look forward to a long, productive relationship with this new commercial neighbor. Higher education and commerce make for good alliances, always.”

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