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Editing Your CV

Editing Your Profile / Directory Entry / CV

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Keeping Your Curriculum Vitae Up-to-Date

Go the Login screen on the York College Website at or by going to the college website selecting the "Faculty / Staff" / "Online Services" / "York Website / CMS".

Enter your York College Network Account and click login.

After you log in, open the search and enter your name.

Select your profile from the results.

The Contact information (name, title, phone, etc) comes from the centralized college directory and is updated nightly or on-demand by modifying your CV. if you want to modify your room or phone number, click "Contact Info (Intranet)".

Click Edit on the left Column. (if you don't see edit please email, you are now editing your CV.

Your CV is divided into four tabs that you can go directly to edit: [default], [Other Information], [Experience], [Publications].

most fields in your CV are data grid fields, they allow you to have an infinite number of rows.

start by clicking "Add new row".

you can add a new row before the current row by clicking the Plus sign, you can remove the row by clicking the minus sign, or rearrange using the arrows.

Under the [default] tab, you can add, edit or remove:
your personal website.
office hours.

Under the [Other Information] tab, you can add, edit or remove:
Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships.
Service To The Department.
Service To The School.
Service To The College.
Service To The Graduate Center.
Service To The University.
Offices Held In Professional Societies.
Other Professional Activities And Public Service.
Courses Taught.
New Courses/Programs Developed.
Hide CV from View ( the overview is always shown).
Scholarship Enhancements (displayed to the members of the P&B committee only).
Teaching Enhancements (displayed to the members of the P&B committee only).

Under the [Experience] tab, you can add, edit or remove:
Areas of Expertise (Enter one area of expertise per line).
Brief Biography/Faculty Expert (limited to 1000 characters).
Full-Time Academic Experience.
Part-Time Academic Experience.
Non-Academic Experience.
Employment Record At this Institution.

Under the [Publications] tab, you can add, edit or remove:
Refereed Proceedings.
Non-Refereed Proceedings.
Chapters in Books.
Government Reports or Monographs.
Book Reviews.
Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances.
Publications Enhancements (displayed to the members of the P&B committee only).

please note: most of your publication can be in one of five statuses, only work in Field of expertise is display in the overview. the CV view displays your work group by status as required by CUNY

After you make your changes you can click Next/Previous to move to the Next/Previous tab or you can click save to save and view your CV.

while viewing your profile, you can see how many visitors are viewing or have viewed your profile by clicking Analytics