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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

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Important Forms

One mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is to ensure College compliance with federal, state and local regulations and ethical standards with regard to all aspects pertaining to the responsible conduct of research.

Bridge Funds - Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Intent To Submit Proposal
Bridge Funds - Revised 09-25-2017
Access Granted August 2017
Internal Approval Checklist
Access Granted August 2017
Bridge Funds - Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Conflict of Interest Disclosure form Acquisition of CUNY IP
Acquisition Licensing of CUNY IP
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Applications and Proposals

Policies and procedures of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for Submitting Applications and Proposals:

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is the only office designated to submit proposals to funding sources on behalf of York College, CUNY. As such, the goal of the office is to ensure all research and sponsored programs proposals are prepared and monitored in accordance with all applicable Federal and State regulations. In order to do this effectively and efficiently all who are applying for grants must adhere to the following procedures:

  • Every proposal, whether it requires a signature or not, must be reviewed and approved by ORSP before ORSP can submit a proposal.
  • Proposals must be submitted to ORSP at LEAST ten business days prior to the deadline of the funding source for review, approval and submission
  • Proposals must be complete with budget and budget justification in order to allow sufficient time for adequate review and submission.
  • Proposals being submitted electronically must be received with all information uploaded as electronic files for review which will then be submitted by ORSP via electronic portal. Files must be converted to PDF if necessary.
  • Proposal Certification and Conflict of Interest forms must accompany proposals at time of submission to the ORSP (forms are located in the ORSP office)

Remember the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is here to assist YOU, both in preparing and submitting proposals. Making sure a sound proposal is submitted takes time and teamwork on the part of the Principal Investigator and the office of ORSP.

IF you any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Research and sponsored Program. 

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