Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Working With RF CUNY

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at York College partners with The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF CUNY), where RF CUNY acts as the fiscal agent for all sponsored projects awarded to a CUNY institution.

In affiliation with York College, The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF CUNY) is accountable for guaranteeing that awarded grants are expended per the grant awarding agency’s guiding principles. They serve to provide financial reports to the granting agency and authorize all contracts, or subcontracts, related to a particular grant. When a PI is awarded a grant, the funds are “deposited” at the RF where an account is launched for the PI’s access. The Research Foundation processes, all grant-related hiring, purchasing, and travel payments.

Please adhere to the following steps in order to access the Research Foundation’s electronic systems:

  • Once you have - or your new hire has - accepted the RF CUNY position and met with the ORSP Grants Assistant, you will be contacted by RF CUNY to complete the RF CUNY Hire Packet, which will give you access to your 6-digit RF CUNY ID number - please use this number to create a new password for the RF CUNY website.
    - If you have trouble accessing any of this information please contact your project director, the Campus Personnel Coordinator, or the RF HR Personnel, to further assist you.
  • Your RF CUNY account will permit access to your grants account - where, you may view your account statement, use the PAF and payroll systems, and utilize the vendor payment system.

Where to Find RF CUNY?

You can find the RF CUNY main office located at: 230 W 41st St #7, New York, NY 10036.

If you cannot find the answers to your research-related questions or your RF-related questions please feel free to contact RF CUNY at 212-417-8300, or the ORSP office at x 2061, for more information.

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