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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Hiring Personnel

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs partners with the Research Foundation of CUNY, as such, we utilize their electronic onboarding and training systems to efficiently introduce new employees.

The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF CUNY) employs the OnBoard Personnel System which electronically takes over nearly all your hire/rehire packet needs.

If you plan to hire an employee using your awarded grant, there are several steps required before they can be placed on payroll; more information on payment guidelines can be found in the Payments To CUNY Employees Memorandum.

The New Hire Process

New Hire Process, 1. Personnel Vacancy Notice, 2. New Hire Package, 3. e-Verification and I-9

Personnel Vacancy Notice

If you are hiring a full-time employee – working more than 19 hours a week – you must complete a Personnel Vacancy Notice (through the RF website under “E-Services -> Personnel Vacancy Notice”) when announcing the appointment.

New Hire Package

Once you have determined a candidate for employment, the online new hire package must be fully completed and submitted (available on the Research Foundation website under "Electronic Tools -> RF Onboard."

No one should start work until this new hire package is complete and the employee has finished the I-9 and e-verification process. If problems arise, we at the ORSP can assist you.

E-Verification and I-9

The first step in hiring a new employee is the I-9/e-verification process - which must be completed on or before the employee's first day of work. This process ensures the employee is legally eligible to work. The ORSP will directly reach out to the employee to complete this process.

According to DHS/SSA requirements, most I-9 verifications must take place with in-person meetings - virtual I-9s are reserved for remote positions - meaning, all regular (in-person) and hybrid appointments must present their documentation in person.

To initiate the I-9,  the following information is required:

  • Employees' full first and last names (as listed on their SSN card)

  • Employees' Email address

  • The last four digits of the employee's SSN

  • The appointment's official start date

  • The RF account number being used

The RF I9 E-Verify is an online system mandated and operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA), allowing employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of new personnel. Once the I-9 is cleared, the second step is the onboarding application, completed electronically via the RF website under Electronic Tools and RF Onboard (accessible after you have received your RF username and created a password).

All employees must complete the I-9 before working and must complete E-Verification within three days of starting work. Any new hire package without E-Verification or submitted more than three days after the start date must be accompanied by a detailed letter from the PI (on department letterhead) that explains why the employee was not E-Verified on time, this letter must bear the PI’s signature.

  • The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs will E-Verify employees, please contact us at x2061 to make an appointment with our Grants Assistant.

Next Steps and More Hiring Information

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