Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

RF CUNY Employee Overview

Navigating employee resources at the RF CUNY website may be unclear, that's where we come in. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is here to assist you as you traverse the RF CUNY website for your employee needs and questions.

The Research Foundation at the City University of New York utilizes an E-Systems approach to maintain employee information.

  • This includes a hub to obtain staff recruitment information, access to entering and submitting timesheets, and the appropriate employment forms that must be submitted to ensure effective employee onboarding.
  • Furthermore, through the RF CUNY website, employees can learn about non-wage compensation in the form of benefits, as well as, accrual information regarding paid time off (e.g., annual leave, sick leave) and leave benefits.

*Please note the information below can be found on the RF CUNY Website, for more information on any of the topics discussed below, please visit the RF CUNY website and browse the "Employees" and "Resources" tabs - as well as, the left-side navigation menu dropdowns for each of these respective sections to learn more information about being an RF employee and managing awards as a PI governed by your CUNY institution alongside RF CUNY.

RF CUNY E-Systems and RF Employee Information

For any further questions or concerns regarding timesheets, direct deposit, W2 forms, leave and absence, benefits, insurance, and any other RF CUNY Employee-related questions please feel free to contact:

  • The YC ORSP Grants Assistant Ms. Desirelyn Haliburton at x2125
  • An RF CUNY HR Resources Personnel via The HR Information Line or the RF Benefits Personnel - please provide your 6-digit RF CUNY ID number when contacting the RF!

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