Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

PSC-CUNY Research Award Program

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs corroborates PSC-CUNY as one of the premier sources of reinforcement to the York College Faculty and Staff.

The Professional Staff Congress- City University of New York (PSC-CUNY) Research Award Program is an internal grant program. PSC-CUNY has been established as a major vehicle for the university's encouragement and support of senior faculty research with external funding.

  • PSC-CUNY seeks to enhance the university’s role as a research institution, further the professional growth and development of its faculty, and provide support for established and young scholars.
  • Awards granted by PSC-CUNY are distributed by the University Committee on Research Awards, a faculty committee, and administered by the Research Foundations of CUNY (RF CUNY).
  • The Junior Faculty has full authority in the allocation of funds.
  • The application process is completed with the PSC-CUNY electronic system on the Research Foundations Website.
  • Funding supports activities in the creative arts and all research in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Including but not limited to, research related to curriculum development, improvement in teaching, the adaptation of standard educational techniques to special clientele, and lastly, the relationship between technical occupational training and the liberal arts curriculum.

All full-time members of the instructional staff and untenured members of the faculty, who are on the regular university payroll processed through the Office of Comptroller of the City or State of New York, are eligible to apply.

To have access to this funding opportunity, a proposal must involve original research or creative activities by the principal investigator (PI). Grants will not fund the following activities:

  • Those that support the fulfillment of degree requirements of the PI.
  • The writing of textbooks.
  • The development of a curriculum for specific courses or programs.

There are only three categories of grant awards:

  • Traditional A Awards of up to $3,500
  • Traditional B Awards of more than $3,600 up to $6,000
  • Enhanced Awards of more than $6,500 up to $12,000

Further Information on PSC-CUNY Awards

PSC-CUNY Awards Post-Award Information

Award Extensions

  • PSC-CUNY Awards have a grant period of one year from July 1 to June 30.
  • One six-month extension (until December 31) may be granted upon request to

Budget Changes

  • All PSC-CUNY Award funds granted to a PI must be spent as delineated in the research project abstract.
  • To reallocate awarded funds PIs must email a request to

Final Reports

Acknowledgement of Grant Support

  • Publications, performances, and presentations including visual and electronic media should contain the following acknowledgment of support: "Support for this project was provided by a PSC-CUNY Award, jointly funded by The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York."
  • For more information regarding award expenditures, please see the Award Expenditures Instructions for Payment document.

For more information regarding PSC-CUNY please visit the PSC-CUNY Award Program Webpage; for more on Post-Award requirements please see the Post-Award PSC-CUNY Research Program webpage. For help regarding Grants and Contracts please contact the RF Grants & Contracts Key Contacts Alexis Davis or Daphne Karawita.

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