Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


In preparing to apply for a grant or other extramural funding opportunities, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs recommends that you read the program guidelines carefully and contact the ORSP to assist you through the funding process.

There are several processes suggested by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to aid you as you seek out external funding opportunities.

As You Begin Your Proposal Application

Foremost, as you find a program to apply to please read the guidelines carefully - we recommend that you also contact the program officer at the funding agency, if possible, in this way said program officer can advise you about the agency's potential enthusiasm and advice for what you are proposing - and therefore increases your chances of being funded - as such, please don't be shy, please email or call the agency's program officer!

Once you've read the guidelines and contacted the agency program officer, please contact our grant officer and/ or grant assistant at the ORSP as soon as possible

  • Please provide us with the following information at least a week ahead of time: the name of the grant agency, the program being applied for, contact information for yourself, due date(s), the names and contact information for any collaborating researchers - especially if you are collaborating with researchers from another institution or if the project will require any cost sharing.

  • It would be very helpful if at this time you complete the Internal Approval Checklist.

Once you contact us at the ORSP, we will support you in preparing your proposal budget. Doing so will facilitate you as you write your budget justification and when answering questions regarding time commitment, research project roles, project subcontracts, consultants, and possible unallowable costs.

Afterward, we recommend organizing your biosketches or CV(s), other support information, and institutional background information.

Preparing the Draft Narrative

  1. Abstract/Summary
  2. Background/Significance/Need
  3. Aims/Objectives
  4. Methodology/Design
  5. Management Plan (including possible sub-awards/subcontracts)
  6. Evaluation/Expected Results/Future Plans
  7. Biosketches or Curriculum Vitae
  8. Budget and Justification including subcontracting organizations

Additional Preparation Steps

  • Please note: additional items may be required by the granting agency. As such, please obtain the necessary approvals for the project in concurrence with the ORSP and do fill out any mandatory administrative forms - please contact the IACUC for animal research and/or the IRB for human subjects if animals and/or human subjects are required for your research initiative.
  • If you are partnering with another researcher at a different institution, please let us at the ORSP know right away and we will support you in arranging the proper documents for your proposal.
  • We also recommend that you have another party proofread your draft proposal prior to submitting it.
  • We ask that you provide the ORSP with your final proposal at least five days before the due date - or at least 10 days for proposals that require cost sharing.
  • Please contact us at x2061 if you have any questions or concerns and keep us abreast regarding your application plans.

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