Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


If you have received a grant or funding opportunity, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will be here to assist in further steps, especially in assuming the role of your liaison to ensure the grant funds are accurately awarded.

Foremost, if you have received confirmation of a grant award - Congrats! It's been a long road to get here, but, there are still a few steps that have to be covered to ensure your grant is correctly allocated.

When receiving a grant, the awarded funds are transferred to the Research Foundation of CUNY (RF CUNY), located at 41st St in Manhattan. There, the PI will obtain a grant account - this is a specific kind of account opened in the name of a recipient to which the funds from a grant are credited.

  • Note: If you have not achieved contact with the RF directly, regarding your account information, please contact the ORSP (x2061) after two weeks to establish a connection to your account and gain access to this information.

Information to Keep In Mind

  • The principal investigator (PI) of the granted research project is ultimately accountable for the financial and electronic maintenance of the grant.
  • The awarded grant’s funds must be expended in correspondence with the agreed-upon budget, before the end date of the grant. Please also pay attention to any unique guidelines and due dates that are listed in the award notice or grant agreement – notify the ORSP of these cases as we are your compliance liaison in this process.
  • If there are any alterations in the prospect of the project, the budget, any main research personnel, etc., please contact the ORSP as the granting agency may require our approval to verify these requests.
  • Furthermore, please take notice of any reporting requirements necessitated by the granting agency. These requirements may include progress reports, financial reports - usually managed by the RF - and any final reports.
    - That said, all grant recipients are obligated to keep track of the time and effort participated by the key researchers. If staff effort decreases, please contact the ORSP.
  • In accordance with federal auditing requirements, The Research Foundation utilizes a particular form called a Personnel Activity Report (PAR). And, if you have requested any released time, a Staff Effort Notice must be completed.
  • The Research Foundation processes the hiring of all grant-related personnel, any purchases, and any travel-related payments.
  • To gain access to your grant funds, you must complete the specific forms for each type of payment - available either via the ORSP or on the Research Foundation website – there, you can also view and monitor all of your post-award expenditures.
  • Please note: In order to access your award account, you must first be issued an RF username and password - if you need an RF username and/or password please contact your Campus Personnel Coordinator or please send a request to
  • Once you are assigned an RF username and password, you will be able to access your grant account information via the RF CUNY e-systems; there you can view your expenses, enroll staff to payroll and payroll timesheets, access summer salary information, and view/read the Project Director’s Manual on how to access the information surrounding spending the funds for your grant.
  • Note: the ORSP is not the Research Foundation of CUNY - the ORSP cannot authorize any payment on your grant account, as project director (PI) of your grant, you are responsible for all payments - this includes hiring, payment, and monitoring your employees in the workplace. However, the ORSP will assist you with understanding how to access your account and how to complete the paperwork required by the RF.

If you have any questions about your award or about your grant account, please contact the RF CUNY main office at (212) 417-8300 or the ORSP at x2061 for further assistance in your request.

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