Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Grant Submission Policies and Deadlines

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at York College approves and authorizes all grants and contracts pertaining to sponsored research initiatives.

Grants Submission Policies and Tips

Grants Process Outline

  1. For any Principal Investigator (PI) intending to submit a grant and/or contract, please be advised that all grants and contracts must be reviewed and approved by an authorized institutional official - at YC this is the Grant Official (GO) in the ORSP. That is, all funding proposals, e.g., sponsored research or grants for training, funding from private foundations, or individual fellowship opportunities, must be reviewed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) before submission. Though further review may be necessary, these reviews may be performed by a dean, chairperson, and/or other academic personnel at YC, ultimately the final approval for grants and contracts is usually the discretion of the GO, at YC, this role is performed by the director of ORSP.
  2. Additionally, any sponsored research proposals submitted to either federal or state agencies must also be signed (whether electronically and/or physically) by the ORSP director at YC. Any faculty or staff interested in submitting a grant proposal should contact the ORSP by sending an email (please see the "Contact Us" page for email addresses). Please note, that at least one other person must be CC'd in your email, and your email must contain:
    - The name of the agency or program of intent.
    - Information regarding budget allocations or other information.
    - The names of any collaborators.
  3. You can call or email us at the ORSP to make an appointment with one of our staff members ASAP, to review any program guidelines, develop budgeting plans, and discuss any other requirements. Note: all funding proposals must undergo an Internal Approval Process. During this process, the chairperson(s) of the principal investigator’s (PIs) department along with the dean of their division concur to approve the grant proposal and budgeting.
  4. Please Note: The ORSP requires that all PIs upload and submit all final grant-related material 10 days before the deadline posted on the respective granting agency's website!
  5. Finally, the Research Foundation website (RF CUNY) serves as the hub for PIs to monitor any funds accrued and funding expenditures. Please make sure you monitor any spending monthly by visiting the RF CUNY web reports system, and please make sure that all spending is done in a timely manner keeping in mind the end date of the project as you do so.

Grant Compliance Reminders

Prior to any new (or renewal) grant submissions, the following Federally mandated compliance forms and training are to be completed and submitted. Please note, that compliance in fulfilling these requirements impacts the submission of your grant.

For more information please see our Responsible Conduct of Research webpage.

Research Personnel Pointers

  1. Onboarding - New employees must be onboarded prior to the employment start date.
  2. Timesheets - due every other Monday per the RF payroll calendar. All employees must create and submit their timesheets to ensure payment. The time sheets are approved by the PI or other designated personnel. Note: PIs and employees should monitor any Annual Leave and Sick Leave.
  3. Annual Leave - Any accrued annual leave must be taken prior to an employee's appointment end date (if any annual leave remains a payout is processed and the charge will be made to the grant).
  4. Unscheduled Holidays - Full-time employees are apportioned 4 unscheduled holidays per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). Any unused unscheduled holidays are forfeited (.: ineligible for payouts).

For more information please see our Hiring Personnel webpage and our RF CUNY Employee Overview webpage.

Summer Salary Reminder

For any PIs eligible for summner salary, Three months is the maximum timeframe qualified for summer salary per year (for all CUNY sources).

For more information please see our Faculty Summer Salary webpage.

Travel Reminders

  1. Per the Fly America Act, all flights made under an awarded grant must be booked using the lowest available sare in economy class of U.S. flag air carriers. The only exceptions are per the EU Open Skies Agreement, allowing a Swiss, Australian, or Japanese carrier (permitted under separate governmental agreements).
  2. Any tickets issued with a foreign carrier's call letters and flight number (even if operated by a U.S. carrier) will NOT be reimbursed.
  3. All boarding passes must be kept (or a screenshot must be taken if using an airline app) as they are required as proof during the reimbursement process.
  4. All travel expenditures under a grant must be submitted within 30 days of your return.

For more information please see our Purchasing and Payments webpage.

Please see below for Grant Submission deadlines and for more information on internal guidlines.

Life cycle of a grant; Pre-award, project development, identifying funding opportunity, proposal preparation, finalize and submit proposal; Award, award notification, negotiate or accept award; Post-award, award management, award close-out.

The Life Cycle of a Grant

Pre-Award Processes

  1. Project Development - Develop a research project idea aligned with RF CUNY and federal policies that is a distinctive and fundable concept.
  2. Identify Funding Opportunities - Once you have developed your unique research project concept, you can explore the scope of funding opportunities available from various resources including federal funding, non-federal funding, national databases, private foundations, nonprofit institutions, and other funding corporations.
  3. Grant Proposal Preparation - As you begin to prepare your grant proposal, please remember to Read...Read...Read! That is, review the grant’s application guidelines, processes, and requirements carefully.
  4. Finalize and Submit the Grant Proposal - When finalizing your grant proposal, create a checklist using the proposal guidelines, making sure all formatting requirements have been addressed, remember the ORSP is here to assist you and is the final authority when submitting your grant proposal.

Award Process

  1. Grant Award Notification - Granting agencies require time to review and evaluate grant proposals. You should expect at least a six-month wait period between the grant proposal submission and the onset of a funding opportunity.
  2. Negotiate or Accept Award - Once you have received confirmation of an awarded grant, the Research Foundation (RF CUNY) will take over as the fiscal administrator for grants and contracts. The RF will review the terms and conditions of the grant award; and will also negotiate and accept the award on your behalf.

Post-Award Processes

  1. Grant Award Management - The ORSP will assist you in setting up your grant account with the RF, including facilitating all grant-related transactions and setting up subcontracts or sub-awards, your RF grant account will allow you to view and allocate your grant award.
  2. Grant Award Close-Out - The ORSP will also provide aid in completing any final reports, creating any invention statements, detailing invoices, and outlining financial reports to close out the award.

ORSP Grant Applications - Internal Guidelines and Deadlines

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